This endeavor began as a broad movement by like-minded individuals brought together not quite by chance. The seeds were planted decades ago and only in the fertile soil of America’s dual pandemic did they finally germinate and grow.

The effort met with sooner than hoped for success, seemingly and the progenitors attended to other aspects of their worlds while mostly patiently awaiting the fruits of their labors.

While it is not clear that we’re waiting in vain it is clear that immense positiveness may have been hung on wishful thinking by many involved in the process both at the school and those that started this site.

The members of what is now called the “Steering Committee” (SC) would like to apologize for not clearly detailing the happenings since the open letters publication. That much transparency is due the signatories and the world as the SC continues to labor for an institution to atone for its missteps and purposefully begin the work of correction and improvement.

To this goal, a timeline will be posted soon providing a clear sketch. Details will be inserted into the new Updates section moving forward and even retroactively as necessary. Hopefully this effort will clarify things for all concerned.

Questions are still being taken at Just remember the SC is a small group of individuals that were overly busy BEFORE necessity birthed the Open Letter so your patience is appreciated.